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Rihanna was spotted in LA this season sporting a Sens heritage jersey. She may have picked up the idea from Sheba, who modeled the latest “wear-the-sens-jersey-with-no-pants” fashion on national TV a couple of weeks ago. Now, pooches all over Sens Nation are joining in the #rihannaing #sheebaing trend:

I couldn’t have a web site without including some pics of my favorite buddies. My dogs are pure-bred black labs, a breed with one of the nicest dispositions you’ll find.

Sheba2The Queen of Sheba “Sheebs” is my new black lab puppy. She’s named after the ancient Ethiopian monarch who heard of the great wisdom of King Solomon of Israel and journeyed there to test him with questions, bearing gifts of spices, gold, precious stones and beautiful wood. My Sheba likes chewing on stones and beautiful wood. (We’re trying to break her of the habit.) She also loves devouring books, which is a problem given how many bookshelves we have in our house. Sheba loves to wrestle, fight, and cuddle and eat hockey pucks. Her funniest habit is the way she sleeps flat out on her back, with her limbs and nose and ears all splayed out spread-eagle like.

Beau1My last dog, Beau, was named after civil war military general and submarine commander P. G. T. Beauregard. He loved finding baseballs, chasing snowballs, sleeping on my bed, farting, eating, swimming in the lake, and going for car-rides. Sadly, after 12 fun-packed years, we had to say good-bye to Beau this past summer.



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