Road Tour Blog – Day 1

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Road Tour Blog   Day 1 photo| Matt Kassian   The Kassassin

Wild forward Matt Kassian blogs from the 2012 Wells Fargo Minnesota Wild Road Tour

By Matt Kassian, Special to the Wild

David Schwimmer Look-Alike

Bright and early morning. Woke up at 5:45 a.m. and after showering and applying my non-existent makeup it was a quick breakfast sandwich from Dunn Bro’s and on the bus. First stop was a pancake breakfast in St. Paul Park. Large group of people including some local royalty… even Nordy made an appearance! I wasn’t counting that thoroughly but I’m pretty sure Mike Greenlay ate about a bakers dozen pancakes. While he was busy eating all our breakfasts, everyone swapped between playing bean bag toss and talking on KFAN100.3. According to those Power Trip guys, I look like David Schwimmer. No big deal. (Side note: For anyone playing bags – the key is having a deep lunge stance. Works almost every time).

Riding on the Magic Bus

When we were all finished up, it was off on the magic bus again. We stopped first at Red Wing KCUE 1250AM to do some quick interviews, and then ripped over to Winona. After some Erberts & Gerberts sandwiches we hopped over to the Bud King arena to meet some fans and sign some autographs. There was a giant climbing wall the MN National Guard had set up. My heart said “yes” but Greenlay said a quite emphatic “No” so it didn’t happen. The whole session took about an hour and a half, and then it was back on the bus to the Winona radio station, KWNO 1230AM, for some more interviews. Apparently Chucky Coyle had been hiding in a turtle-like defensive shell up until this point, because he metaphorically transformed into a majestic butterfly and blossomed with an incredibly charismatic show. A short time later, we were stepping back on the bus to hit the road again.

Road Tour Blog   Day 1 photo| Matt Kassian   The Kassassin

We stopped at another radio station, KWEB 1270AM, in Rochester to record some short clips; Charles Coyle continued to shine. His confidence is at an all time high. Another short bus ride later and we were at a Wells Fargo in Rochester running a MN National Guard inflatable course. Greenlay still said no, but he didn’t get it out of his mouth till Charlie and I were 3/4 of the way up the course.

Death to Roosters

Road Tour Blog   Day 1 photo| Matt Kassian   The Kassassin

We signed more autographs with some pretty cool fans, and I got a collage picture of myself as well as a contraption featuring a gnome hanging a rooster. It’s an inside joke for those who follow me on twitter @kassassination, and it was really funny. Check out more Gnome War pictures here.

Our last stop of the day was the Children’s Hospital at the Mayo Clinic. It’s always the most difficult, but always the most rewarding. Those kids are such warriors and live each moment as if it’s their last. Plus, a bunch of them could draw way better than I can. One of the kids, Wyatt, really stood out. He had us all rolling on the super clean floors with his jokes.

Lastly came dinner, followed by another bus ride to Austin. Sleep to follow shortly after arriving!

P.S. Antti Laaksonen is like a ninja. He’s really quiet and reserved and then all of a sudden busts out something completely awesome. You have to watch out for him!

Road Tour Blog   Day 1 photo| Matt Kassian   The Kassassin

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