Kassian Family Coat of Arms

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Kassian Family Coat of Arms photo| Matt Kassian   The Kassassin
This summer, I’ll be heading out to Vancouver to attend a big Kassian family reunion.  The last one I went to I was 6 or 7 years old, and it was near Vegreville, Alberta.  My brothers and I raced around my great-great-grandfather’s old homestead on the Kassian farm, and created absolute havoc.  I distinctly remember climbing up a tree to hide in a game of hide-and-seek. It was an awesome spot.  The branch broke though, and I fell about six feet face first into the dirt, so I got found pretty quick.  This might have been the first but definitely not the last time I fell out of a hiding spot high above the ground (I fell off a roof once).

According to the Coat of Arms we got from the Historical Research Centre, The surname Kassian is Russian. It’s associated with the popular Russian personal name “Kas’yan” and it means simply “Son of Kas’yan.” It is derived from the Latin first name “Cassius.”

Cassius was a popular name in Roman times and the most famous bearer of the name was undoubtedly Caius Longinus Cassius who was a tribune of the people in the year 49 BC, a conspirator with Brutus in the assassination of Julius Caesar and called by many “the last of the Romans.”

Variants of this surname are Cassian and Kassyan, the “an” ending being a specifically Russian ending. For those of you who are unsure, the correct pronunciation is Kass-ee-un – with the emphasis on the Kass.  Kass rhymes with Grass. (And some other words… figure it out)

The family coat of arms is pretty cool. Here’s what the Historical Research Center says about it:

Blazon of Arms: First and fourth or (yellow). Three chevrons on the second gule (red) and an anchor on the fourth gule (red), with three bees on a bend of azure (blue).
Translation: The or (yellow) denotes Generosity, gules (red) Magnanimity. The chevron signifies Protection, the anchor Venture, the bend Defense, the bees Industry.
Crest: A lion issuant contourne or holding a chisel and mallet.
Translation: The lion means Strength, the chisel and mallet Industry (hard work).
Origin: Russia

Pretty cool.  If you haven’t ever done research into your last name or crest I’d highly recommend it.  The legacy our ancestors have left us is worth knowing.  Personally, I try to follow many of the attributes on the coat of arms in my own life:  Strength, hard word, protection, and generosity.  Now only if there was something on the crest about scoring goals……

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