Gnome Wars

| January 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

My Mom (Masha, Mashz, Momma, Ma) likes roosters.  She has some sort of affinity for them that  I do not understand nor I do desire to understand.  I, however, despise them.  One glorious summer day, through routine chance, my brothers and I discovered that she loathed garden gnomes.  There was no way we were going to bypass this amazing opportunity to counter her rooster obsession.  Slowly, but surely, we recruited gnomes to our cause.  Convinced that THEY deserved to be in the esteemed places in the kitchen as opposed to the pampered roosters, the Gnomes decided to draw first blood.  One rainy Tuesday morning, a gnome was discovered lounging in the countertop breadbox, patiently awaiting orders to assassinate a member of the Rooster kingdom.  The rest, is history…

         Join in the battle against the roosters with your very own Sens Gnome…    [More]

Price: 49.99

If you have any great Rooster vs Gnome war pictures (War pictures people.  Not just pictures of a gnome or a rooster sitting there doing nothing)  feel free to upload them to my guestbook.

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